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How much to rent a yacht ?

Renting the yacht has become a very popular practice, and it is no longer a affair of the rich. We met a yacht broker and explained a bit about the yacht charter program.

Where is the yacht for rent?

Yachts are now available in all ports, and private companies rent them. One can find companies that focus on renting a boat between individuals. The approach is very simple, just choose a boat in the catalog of the site and contact directly the owner to see the availability of the boat. You can disembark on the boat dock and find a boat broker who will be the best pleasure boat guide not just a yacht. So, already, the flexibility of the offer is tempting, and it's just great.

For the different types of rentals

The agency manages everything, from the flights that you will take to reach the country of boat, and the transfer to the airport to the port, the welcome cocktail, but also the restaurants at each stopover, the discotheques, sports and nautical activities, and even the animations on the boat. A yacht is logically delivered with its full crew, a captain, a cook and the master on board with his hostesses, maids, etc. All the decor is customizable even the cooking utensils.

The price setting

Renting a yacht for two hours will cost 600 euros, with 12 people on board. For a day, it amounts to 2,000 euros which is still affordable with 12 people, and for the week will be 22,000 euros for 6 to 8 days of navigation. A private party on a yacht moored on a dock costs between 1,000 to 2,000 euros per night for a hundred guests on board.

You can rent a yacht for two hours, for a day, or an evening, a night, or a week, and the price varies depending on the size of the boat and its comfort.