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SamBoat connects tenants navigators with boat owners, everywhere in France, in a friendly and secure way. Then see the official website of Samboat to decide on the boat of your choice and the destination of your dreams.

Cruise boat rental

Rent a boat for a cruise why not organize a cruise by being the captain of the boat? As a couple, with family or friends, nothing better than renting a boat to go freely from one destination to another. Sailboats, catamarans or yachts, Samboat offers you a wide choice of boats for rent, in the most beautiful destinations to make a cruise at the best price. Several choices are available to you. If you wish to remain the master on board during your cruise then you can rent a boat without skipper. On the contrary, to enjoy 100% of your holidays on the water, you can rent with a skipper. The latter, thanks to his nautical knowledge, can make you spend an unforgettable stay. You want to go on a cruise but you do not know where yet? We invite you to visit their blog. They regularly publish itineraries by boat in various tourist destinations. Finally, if you have questions such as "when to go on a cruise" or "what to do in the Caribbean" then advise them are there to help you. Their team of experts will answer all your questions such as "what to bring in cruise" or "what are the best destinations for summer 2019". Moreover, regarding destinations for 2019, some trends emerge. From Marseille, going on a cruise in the Mediterranean remains an unmissable itinerary. Less known but just as pleasant, go around the Morbihan golf course or sail in the different rivers of France is the certainty of a good stay.

So, hundreds of offers at the best prices are available on Samboat. You are sure to find the perfect vessel for an unforgettable holiday.